Nani Styles Boutique

Nani Styles Boutique is a marketplace for items displaying artwork by Barbara Funk of Watercolor Whirl.
As an artist, Barbara specializes in creating beautiful watercolor paintings. Their unique style and attention to detail have made them a popular choice for those seeking beautiful designs for products. In recent years, Barbara has expanded their business to include creating designs for a wide range of products, including stationery, home decor, and clothing. Their watercolor designs have been featured on a variety of products, from kitchen towels to mugs, and have proven to be a popular choice among consumers. 

One of the things that sets Barbara apart from other watercolor artists is their ability to create designs that are both beautiful and functional. They understand the importance of creating designs that not only look great but also serve a purpose. Whether it's a design for a phone case or a notebook, Barbara is able to create something that is both visually stunning and practical. 

With their eye for detail and passion for watercolor painting, Barbara continues to create beautiful designs that are loved by people around the world. Their commitment to creating high-quality designs has made them a sought-after artist in the industry, and their work is sure to continue to inspire and delight for years to come.

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